We provide technology-assisted service in the fields of search and application of designs both in Turkey and international level.

Our office has a complete database of published Turkish Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models and Designs for searches and reviewing purposes.

With the help of DesiSoft®, the software written by Mrs. Deniz Çelikel, the founder of our firm, and TPTO database we conduct searches for all published IP matters in Turkey. Although the search results do not guarantee the successful registration it gives an idea regarding the risks and registrability.

The processes are carried out before the TPTO from the application to the registration.

Registration certificate is issued by TPTO electronically.

Monitoring and maintenance is carried out to maintain the protection including renewals, registering transactions including change of the title, transfer, etc.

Solution Partners

We provide legal consultancy services to our clients through our solution partners. 

Expert Opinion

We prepare expert opinions on industrial property rights.